Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular procedures performed in the United States to remove unwanted body hair. When performed by a licensed professional in a dermatology office setting, the benefits can be life changing.

Sherrie Litke, one of our esteemed licensed estheticians, not to mention an expert on the topic of laser hair removal, answered some commonly asked questions. Sherrie has performed countless laser hair removal treatments on patients of all ages with various skin and hair types.

Here is what she had to say:

How does laser Hair Removal work?

Laser hair removal works by emitting light (laser) to the surface of the skin to target hairs. The light is absorbed by the melanin (pigment) in the hair and travels down the hair shaft to the follicle. The light coverts to energy and heats up, which damages the hair follicle at the root preventing growth.

The procedure quite literally stops hair growth at the root!

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Who is the best candidate for laser hair removal?

We can treat patients with all different hair types and skin tones from head to toe. Laser hair removal has been proven one of the most effective treatments to (more permanently) get rid of unwanted body hair and can even help treat and prevent stubborn painful ingrown hairs.

Someone with coarse, darker hair will likely see results more quickly, and with fewer treatments as opposed to someone with lighter, finer hair. This is because the light travels through hairs pigment as I mentioned. Dark, thick hair allows more space for the light to travel and heat the follicle to remove the hair.

Do you require a consultation prior to treatment?

We require a consultation for patients who are new to our practice and/or depending on whether the patient has had any type of laser hair removal procedure done in the past. It is important for us to examine the patient and their skin type to be able to determine how many treatments may be needed for best results.

What does the patient need to do prior to treatment?

We advise patients not to wax or tweeze the area(s) that will be treated 1 month prior to their first treatment, because there needs to be hair under the skin’s surface for the laser to travel to the follicle. However, we do tell patients to shave or use a hair trimmer on the area prior to the appointment to avoid burning hair above skins surface onto the skin. The less hair on the surface of the skin the better, and the more hair under the surface of the skin the better.

When can a patient expect to see results?

Expect to see results immediately following the first treatment. However, 6-8 treatments are typically required to achieve significant reduction to the point where one may not have to shave at all. The patient will notice their hair growing in less and less with each treatment. While side effects tend to be minimal, there may be a little irritation or redness to the area(s) following treatment.

Yearly maintenance is recommended to target dormant follicles that may produce hairs.

About Sherrie Litke, LE

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Sherrie offers a wide variety of non-surgical aesthetic procedures for men and women including laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, dermaplaning, DiamondGlow, and more. Sherrie has been a licensed esthetician since 1986 and joined our team in 2019 seeing patients in La Grange and Lombard.

Sherrie is a native of Chicago and has spent the last decade working with patients in the western suburbs.

Her goal is to make every patient feel comfortable, educated, and beautiful!

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