Get Your Skin Ready for Winter

The change of seasons is upon us, and while the fall colors are beautiful, this also means dry winter weather is just around the corner. For those with eczema prone skin it means the dry “winter itch” is coming! But fear not… there are ways to get ahead of dry, itchy skin by preparing now for the harsh winter weather ahead.


To help prevent dry skin, it is imperative to apply a gentle moisturizing cream daily. The heavier the cream — the better to help repair the skin…especially after bathing or showering. It is also important to use gentle cleansers while bathing that are fragrance-free; and to use lukewarm water rather than hot or cold water. A couple of my favorite over the counter moisturizing creams include Eucerin Eczema Relief Cream and CeraVe Cream. La Roche Posay Lipikar Balm body moisturizer is yet another wonderful product to hydrate the skin and repair the skin barrier. When you repair the skin barrier and keep it healthy with the correct moisturizers, it will result in less flaky, dry, and itchy skin. It is better to get ahead of it and start before the dry skin sets in!

If you have sensitive skin, it is also very important to avoid fragrances in your laundry detergents, avoid all fabric softeners as well. These irritants can set off the itch-scratch cycle and the skin can become very inflamed. Even that wool sweater you love can be an irritant to the skin! It is better to wear cotton and poly blends to reduce the “scratchy” feel from other fabrics.

HAS cream

And what do we do for our face, you ask? Most will need to change their facial products when dry weather hits and move to more emollient products. It can also be very helpful to add a hyaluronic acid serum beneath the moisturizer to boost its hydrating properties without adding a lot of heavy oils to the skin. HA serums also smooth fine lines and wrinkles and plump the skin which is an added bonus! A fabulous HA serum to use is HA5 by Skin Medica which is available in our office and by clicking here as well. It has a nice silky feel and gives instant skin plumping when applied. It works very nicely with the Dermal Repair Cream or Replenish Hydrating Cream and will help to soothe intolerant dry skin immediately.

But don’t wait until you get exceptionally dry… get a jumpstart on preparing your skin for the winter weather now! I promise your skin will thank you for it!

About Shannon Morrow, PA-C

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Shannon Morrow received her Bachelor of Medical Sciences in Physician Assistant Studies from Midwestern University in June 2002. Shannon has practiced locally in dermatology since 2003 and joined Dermatology Associates of La Grange in 2010.

Shannon has extensive experience in cosmetic procedures including Botox, Dysport, injectable fillers, and laser procedures, in addition to diagnosing, treating, and managing conditions of the skin.

Shannon is an active member of the AAPA, SDPA, and the ISDPA. Shannon was previously an ACE trainer for Allergan, an elite group of injectors in the nation that train other practitioners on best practices for aesthetic injectable procedures.

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