What it means to be a physician-driven and employee-owned dermatology practice...

In 2022, we became one of the first and few healthcare organizations to adopt this business model in the United States. Our mission is built upon preserving our practices’ long-standing and community-focused care.

“It is important to me to always put my patients first. I am happy to work for an organization that shares and encourages those same values.“

Kimberly Schwerdtfeger image

Kimberly Schwerdtfeger, FNP-C, DCNP
North Suburban Dermatology Associates
Joined in 2012

“I love the strong work ethic and sense of teamwork across this organization. It sets us apart from others. Everyone I have contact with is easily accessible and always willing to jump in and help.”

Christina Avilina, PA-C
GoldinSkin Dermatology
Joined in 2017

“I love working for a physician-driven and employee-owned practice. It is evident that everyone is pulling on the same end of the rope, communicating with each other daily, and constantly seeking to improve the way we do things which leads to better patient experiences and outcomes.”

Thomas Klis, MD, FAAD
Dermatology Associates of La Grange
Joined in 2022

“Since joining [SJH Derm] in 2015, I have been given opportunities for advancement and have grown significantly in my career. As an ESOP organization, we come together with one common goal in mind; to ensure that patient care is always the core focus of what we do.”

Megan Olson
Call Center Manager
SJH Derm
Joined in 2015

“I am grateful to Dr. Halper for giving me opportunities for growth and advancement, especially through becoming an ESOP. We offer Mohs surgery in all of our offices and because of that, I have a relationship with everyone in the organization. Each of our offices are unique, but we all value the care we provide to our patients and that’s what bands us together.”

Megan Olson
Mohs Supervisor
SJH Derm
Joined in 2011