Dr. Christina Tejeda

Provider Spotlight

Get to know Dr. Tejeda!

Dr. Tejeda is now seeing patients at GoldinSkin Dermatology! Dr. Tejeda practices medical and surgical dermatology with a special interest in cutaneous oncology and cosmetics. She is passionate about providing personalized care to patients of all ages.

Q & A

Why did you decide to pursue dermatology?

During my time in medical school, I developed a passion for dermatology due to its extensive spectrum of pathology. What truly captivates me about this field is the opportunity to not only improve patients’ well-being from within but also enhance their outward appearance, allowing them to both feel and look their best.

What is your favorite part of dermatology?

I enjoy the variety in the work, from treating medical conditions to performing cosmetic procedures.

What are your biggest skincare tips?

Hydrating your skin with your favorite moisturizer every day. Even oily skin needs moisture to stay balanced.

Why do you love practicing at GoldinSkin?

I love GoldinSkin because of its unwavering commitment to a patient-centered approach. It fosters an environment where patient well-being and satisfaction take precedence, making it a truly fulfilling place to practice medicine.

To make an appointment with Dr. Tejeda call (847) 677-2080 or request an appointment.