Nail Conditions

Nail fungus can affect people of all ages but is more likely to develop in older adults. Living in warmer climates, people with certain health issues, moisture and being in water may increase the odds of developing a nail fungus. Symptoms of nail fungus can include:

  • A small white, brown or yellow spot on the nail that spreads to cover a larger area of the nail
  • A soft or powdery feeling nail
  • A nail that thins, cracks, or crumbles

We offer several treatment options for nail fungus, and sometimes antibiotics are required.

How is nail fungus diagnosed?

We will carefully examine the nail and surrounding skin. Fungus can spread easily, so it is important to treat all of the affected areas in order to clear up the infection. We may also take samples of the affected area such as a nail clipping to be examined under a microscope by our lab.

How is nail fungus treated?

Typically, we will begin treatment by trimming the infected nail(s), and cleaning out the debris underneath and surrounding the nail. If the lab confirms that an infection is present, we will likely prescribe oral or topical medication.

If you think you have nail fungus or an infection, please make an appointment with us by calling or requesting an appointment online!